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Dawn&Dusk Music Festival’s annual PIANO COMPETITION offers young artists a special challenge and an opportunity for public recognition. All students are encouraged to compete.

Master Class

Each young artist receives master class with world renowned faculty members from the world’s top conservatories.


This production is composed of a very special program that cultivates not only the performers’ musical skills, but also their teamwork, their ability to collaborate in unity to produce finer qualities of music.

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Only years of hard work brings a few splendid minutes on stage. Unsurprised, these kids practice 6-8 hours a day to overcome fear and fulfill their music dream.  However, not every musician is always lucky enough to have a chance to perform. Even pianist Lang Lang was once ranked No.5 on substitution list in a small symphony, which means he can only perform when the other four all get sick. However, he is a superstar in classical world now, halls packed wherever he performs. Dawn and Dusk was founded with such mission as providing young musicians with performance opportunities. Bearing in mind that practice makes perfect, we furthermore believe performing for a large reservoir of audiences from all corners of the world would arm them optimally with confidence, musicality and wider horizon. As a piano teacher,I am dedicated to providing music students every possible stage to be heard, appreciated and complimented; as a musician, I believe performance stimulates the development of talent. Thus, to provide young future musicians with performance opportunities has become the goal of Dawn and Dusk.

Dawn and Dusk Music Festival bridges the cultural communication between China and the US. Meanwhile the festival enhances the quality of music education. The significance of the cultural event was highly endorsed by those professionals in international music festivals as well as artists. I hereby call for musicians and audience to join and support us!   

I was happy to witness the inaugural 2013 "The Dawn and Dusk" Music Festival as a true success!  The foresight and entrepreneurial skills of the founders and directors of the festival were truly impressive! The planning and organizing of bringing in a group of gifted young musicians and their educators from the top conservatories of Beijing, China, to the US for a tour of New York, Boston and Philadelphia was a smart idea of theirs. It exposed the Chinese students to the musical culture of the US and helped develop an international cultural exchange between these musicians and their counterparts at Juilliard, Manhattan School, Curtis Institute and other top US conservatories. I was very glad to participate in the festival as a masterclass clinician. I look forward to further festivals to follow the success of the inaugural one!

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